Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Saturday Salute13.11.10

Image thanks to shandi-lee

This year I've been particularly enamoured by Autumn: the colours of the leaves, the pretty cloud formations and lilac evening skies, the fresh breezes... To quote a great song, "it's all too beautiful." That said, as much as I enjoy being outside at this time of year, snuggling up and being a home-body is also one of my preferred past times. If it's one of yours too, then these links might bring welcome reading material:

Dear Motivation, Stop Hiding From Me on Miseducated reminds me of my ooooold article on Crafty Ways to Source Motivation from Desolation.

Why your blog is not going to make you rich. Too great. 

Drool. Swoon. Gawp. Gary Pepper Vintage.

I know you'll love this guide to Paris on Niotillfem. 

Morbid but mysteriously beautiful: The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

Enjoy your weekend, indoors or out :)


Georgie said...

I love Edward Gorey! There's so many weirdly gorgeous works of his, I definitely recommend them ^^

Whitters said...

i LOVE the ghastly crumb tinies. :)

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