Friday, 31 December 2010

2010: A Review

In the spirit of really wrapping things up, here's a look back at my year, both personally and in terms of the blog. It was really interesting to put together, and drove home how much I actually packed into a year that seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye. I hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane!

A Jam-Packed January

The start of the year exploded on a high with my attempt to help you Make Your Life Amazing. Tonnes of you took part and I had some truly amazing feedback. Despite a couple of requests, I won't be repeating the project, as I don't personally feel that I need it this year (I'm still reeling from all that I gained the first time around!). Though, if you feel you want to start 2011 with a BANG!, do revisit the posts and work through them yourself (I will be posting an easily-navigable list of all the articles first thing tomorrow for your convenience, 'cos I'm nice like that).

February? Fabruary

As the year really started steamrolling ahead, I introduced the first of my Learn to Love... Series and, again, recieved some wonderful feedback. I also enjoyed a delectable Valentine's weekend with my beau, but didn't let all that lovey-dovey stuff stop me from asserting my independence.

March & Magic-Making

The first sniff of Spring, and I asked you to Learn to Love... Budgeting as well as giving you 5 Ways to Catch Up on Work When You Fall Behind. On the personal side of things I had a smile-filled visit from my Italian BFF (this years hottest trend?), dyed my hair a bit too yellow, and continued on my vintage sartorial adventure.

All About April

In the spirit of the spring-clean, I got stuck into your wardrobes again with How to Do More with LessHow to Create a Core Wardrobe and How to Define Your Style, as well as getting you organised. Furthermore, I spent a lovely-lot of time flouncing around in London testing out the Philips Lumea with Cai, got a really great FREE haircut, and had an entirely edible Easter (I can't believe I didn't post these pictures of the, frankly, incredible cupcakes I concocted).

Marvellous May

The weeks of May were spent drinking chocolate cocktails, giving you hints on How to Host a Clothes Swapping Party, getting featured in CLEO Magazine Malaysia, and vintage shopping in Glastonbury. I also spent a beautiful bank holiday weekend in Cornwall with extended family.

June was Just Fine

Together we learned to love Eating Right and Keeping Fit, I gave you 5 To-Do Lists That Could Change Your Life, I took my own advice by compiling a core wardrobe, and visited a sunny Westonbirt Arboretum for my lovely boy's birthday.


As summer got a'swingin', I did a mini-tour of Europe, taking in Amsterdam (for which I wrote a guide: Part One and Part Two), Paris, Venice and Florence. In keeping with the month's travel theme I wrote Travelling with Friends: 7 Do's and Don'ts and made a big announcement. Oh, and I became officially vegetarian.

An Awfully-Good August

As summer drew to a close I discussed The Art of Making Big Decisions, visited family in Norwich, forgot Charade's second birthday (doh!), spent time with beautiful friends, and frantically prepared for my big move to Spain.

I was so into September

Once settled on the continent, I got dressed up for my first day of school, discussed the Good Points and Bad Points of my new venture, asked: is fast fashion still fun? and reached 1001 RSS subscribers on the blog!

October, Oh My

As the year came helter-skeltering towards it's end, I reminded you to Be Amazed, went to Barcelona for the first time, discussed Dealing with Unpredictability, made a Halloween visit back home, went on a zombie walk, and delivered what has turned out to be the last L2L of the year, Learn to Love... Your Personal Style.

Now that's what I call a November

With exams luring, I asserted that Success is a State of Mind: Talent is Tangible, showed you How to 'Get Over It', suggested 8 Tips for Autumn-Chic, and celebrated my twenty-second birthday in Marrakech (Partie Une, et Partie Deux).

December was Delightful

And here we are at the end of the year! Charade got a whole new look, I asked: would you buy it again? You set about Creating the CV of Who You Want to Be, and despite some emotional lows and health problems, I made it back home for Christmas in one piece! Jeepers, what a rip-roaring twelve months.

The Best Bits and What I've Learnt:

I loved all the travel, but it has given me a distinct sensation that I might want to slow down in the new year; changes of scenery are great, but I've realised how important feeling rooted is to me. I've also realised that,  though I achieved a heck of a lot this year, I often expect far too much of myself, and that leaves me feeling disappointed and my projects lacking in the 100% oomph they deserve. Though I've already started streamlining my life, I've got a long way to go. Finally, I now see how important it is to make decisions and run with them, letting life put it's two cents in and not fighting against the wave, and that's the rhythm I'd like to pursue into 2011.

Moving Forward:

I'm going to go for a quality over quantity ethos with the blog. I'm going to try and further amalgamate my personal and professional life in pursuit of holistic day-to-day harmony. I'm going to play with the concept of whether my lifestyle dictates my style or vice-versa. I'm going to read and review more books. I'm not going to make too many promises. I'm going to revel in giving myself the freedom to grow, not stiching myself up with swathes of goals too difficult to achieve en masse. I'm going to defy conclusions and stoke my spirit. Come on 2011!

I encourage you to complete your own annual review, just to see how you filled the year and get a perspective on how you can fill the new one. And, of course, I'd love your thoughts on my review!


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Wonderful post! You've inspired me to start on my goals for 2011! ^_^

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Congratulations on all your successes, superstar!

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