Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Words to Live By #119

Image thanks to yoshimi

"The greatest wealth is health."

Sorry this is a day late, yesterday I had to pay an unwelcomed visit to a Spanish hospital. It wasn't too serious, but let us just say there were some deeply unpleasant procedures involved. Hopefully I'm on the mend now, but if you're feeling well and bouncy, do bare in mind today's quote.


D. said...

Are you okay now?

Marthe said...

I hope you're okay!
Hospital procedures are always unpleasant :/

Just want to use the opportunity to say that I love your new layout! Still wish you would include the full post in your rss feeds though. I find myself skipping your posts because I'm too lazy to click through sometimes, which is a pity, your posts are always great. I'll just enjoy your pretty new layout in the meantime!

laura said...

this so so true!
i hope you feel better now.

Megan said...

D. - Yes hopefully! I'm feeling back to normal at least... :)

Marthe - Thanks! I'd love to sort the RSS thing out for you, but I really don't know how! Do you? I shall do a Google search and have a go. Fingers crossed.

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