Saturday, 1 January 2011

Make Your Life Amazing

There is something about that zingy sensation that the New Year brings, that no amount of clichés (fresh start, clean slate, new chapter etc.) can detract from. Somehow, you just feel new. Life is a cool drink of lemonade and you're thirsty for it. What better time to harness the immense power of your posisitve attitude and channel it into big change and a new kind of amazing life adventure? Well, sister, I'm here to help you out.

At the crest of the wave that was 2010, I vowed to post every day in the month of January with only one endeavour: to make your (mine, our) life amazing. That's 31 soul-inspiring, mojo-moving, deeply-delightful days of life shifting, hopefully resulting in one big existence upgrade.

I want you to repeat this process every year - every month, even - whenever you feel you need to 'check back in' with who you are, have a conversation with yourself, and re-enrich your life with the dreamy-go-getter-goals that lie just beneath your surface. Therefore I've compiled all the articles here in one post so that you can navigate around them enthusiastically and easily. Be the better you, be out there, be amazing.

You Will Need:

  • A notebook, pen and pencil
  • A heck-load of enthusiasm and gallant gusto!

31 Days. Go.

1. Why You’re Standing at the Edge of Your Dream Life and Refusing to Jump in
2. The ‘Self Survey’
3. How to Reclaim Your True Individuality
4. How to Get a Successful Mindset
5. How to Keep a Clean Slate with Yourself
6. The Real Secret of Quitting Bad Habits
7. How to Revel in Your Own Life
8. Make Today a Change Day!
9. Get to Know Your Productive Self
10. How to Create Confidence
11. How to Believe in Yourself
12. Sell Yourself, to Yourself
13. How to Write Powerful Daily Affirmations – and Make them Work!
14. What You Need to Know About Happiness and Determination
15. Be Thankful
16. Don’t Get Jealous, Get Better
17. Focus on Friendship
18. How You Can Benefit from Doing Things for Other People
19. Influence Others for Success
20. Mining for Love
21. Make the Most of Your Time
22. Play a Character
23. Celebrate Your Style
24. Take Yourself on a Creative Date
25. How to Find and Follow Your Bliss
26. Create Your Path
27. Be Conscious, Be Yourself
28. Lead an Extra Life: Read a Book
29. Make Your Money Creatively
30. Focus on Fun
31. A Guide to Doing Things Your Way

I lust after your comments and feedback - so email me for questions, support, or just to let me know how your getting along. Good luck star-gazer, I'm with you all the way.

IMPORTANT EXTRA NOTE: If you would like to republish any or all of the Make Your Life Amazing articles on your own blog or website, please do! All I ask is for a credited link back to 

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Merry said...

I'm so glad you put everything into one post where it's easy to find what day you should be on. :D I think this is really going to help me be me! ^_^


jerilyn / 曉雯 said...

Even though this was 2010 post and I'm doing it in 2011, I'm feeling really great after I did the first one. This is great and I'm able to be very honest through these. THANK YOU !

Cherokee London said...

I haven't done any soul searching in quite awhile which is probably why I feel like I've lost myself recently. I'm on day 4 and I've already begun the process of finding my true self again. Thank you so much for posting this!

Heni said...

I was thinking what a stupid i was to ask for republishing such a great work when I finally saw that this is welcome with a backlink... I'm relly thankful for this series.

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