Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My Tarot Reading for the Coming Year: Alchemy, Abundance and Trust

You probably don’t know, but my grandmother is a pretty interesting lady. Her name is Theolyn Cortens and she writes books about angels, speaks internationally, and runs online courses in the divine. Incidentally, she also does astrological and tarot readings, and last week she was kind enough to do one with me for the first time (I called it our ‘juju’ session).

What arose was a heady shot of inspiration, reassurance, and excitement for the future – just what I needed after a flat few weeks at the end of 2010. I thought it might be interesting for some of you to see what came up in my reading, whilst recording my own thoughts about the whole thing (to review next ‘juju’ January!)

Picture the scene: we shuffled up into my grandmother’s cool attic room, I took a seat as she lit a candle, and then she asked that I pose a question to the cards. Not requiring any one specific answer, but feeling somewhat directionless in terms of the immediate future, I asked the cards what I could expect from the coming year. I then shuffled and spread out the cards, tracing my hand over them and trying to sense which one I should pick up first.

The Empress

Right away I knew this was a good card: a strong yet feminine woman, in harmony with all that surrounds her, but this was just the beginning. The significance of the tree is that the Empress is ‘grounded in the earth’ whilst still ‘guided by her heart’, which is perhaps why she is looking out into the distance. This immediately struck a big ol’chord with me. Groundedness; the word that’s been spinning in my head like a screensaver for months; the thing I’ve felt lacking in my life; the thing I’m craving more than anything else. I’m good at following my heart – too good, perhaps – but have found it difficult to keep a sense of rootedness amid all my hopping around. My grandmother suggested getting back in touch with my body as a way of connecting with my ‘correct centre’ as I ‘probe the spiritual plane’, and this suggested Pilates to me – a form of exercise based entirely upon our centre, which I’ve thrived on in the past but let slip over the years. The Empress also ‘signifies the potential to attract great abundance’ and is a representation of ‘the alchemical vessel’. Good start, I thought.


‘Ooh!’ rang my grandmother’s voice, and I knew I’d got another goody. Another strong female figure, but with quite a different message: whilst she suggests that ‘right action should be based on sound judgement and truth’ the presence of water reminds us of the importance of our ‘intuition’. DING DING DING! I thought. I’m a prize-planner, obsessive analyser and a stickler for structure. I constantly feel that if I just choose and order logical goals for myself, I can’t go wrong, often without stopping to consider my gut feeling at all. I recently found a Masters programme that I’d love to complete, but something has been holding me back from filling out the necessary forms. This card reminded me that it’s okay to listen to my intuition, and that now is perhaps not the right time for the course. As the book said ‘in Justice there are subtleties that are beyond our grasp... in the end, we must simply give her our trust’.

King of Coins

With the suggestion that I ground myself, before navigating a path ahead between logic and intuition, lastly I picked The King of Coins; ‘the essence of satisfaction’ as ‘the result of physical balance and harmony with nature’ (both points that I’d picked up from the previous two cards!) The message with this card, I was told, is to ‘honour’ my ‘instincts’; to ‘act in strength and possess the courage to pursue what [I] want’. It was pressed, however, that ‘wellbeing is best achieved when this is done without attachment to the end result.’ I couldn’t help but be overwhelmingly pleased that, after a shaky few weeks of doubting myself, doubting how I’ll support myself, and just doubting in general – here was a message that I must stay courageous and that everything will work out.

What they have in common...

It seems quite apparent to me that the three cards represent a loose beginning/middle/end structure, pointing out where I need to be in the present, the balance I need to maintain in the decisions that will lead me forward on my proverbial life’s path, and the satisfaction I’m destined for if I can just keep up the courage to pursue my ambitions. All in all I think I’ve a pretty amazing year ahead of me.

What do you think? Have you ever, or would you ever, get a tarot reading? Has this inspired you?


laura said...

this sounds really interesting indeed. i would be afraid of getting some "bad" cards, but i'd still try it if i had a chance (and someone whe helps me). i hope your year will be as fantastic as the cards say! (:

Merry said...

Wonderful post! ^_^ I've have a few good Tarot readings before, and have even done them myself for myself(which isn't really recommended, but I didn't know at the time). I think your grandmother did a great reading for you, and it makes me want to go and get my own reading. :)

crunicorn said...

i'd love to if i could find someone i trusted to do it

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said...

Umm... watch out, the Empress tends to appear when someone in the room is about to be pregnant.

Megan said...

Eternal*Voyageur - AH! Really? That's funny :D Pretty confident it's not my grandmother, and there's particularly little chance of it being me right now. How imminently?

Euforilla said...

I can read tarots!
I think they're quite an interesting media for introspection, more than "future forseeing" ;)

Megan said...

Eurofilla - I agree, actually, but I think that the introspective quality of the whole experience can then change the way you approach your 'future' and therefore, perhaps, change it's course!

Euforilla said...

You're right! After all it takes almost nothing to change our future, and having some advice helps a lot :)


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