Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Saturday Salute 22.01.11

Image thanks to scarleth

Hello pretty things! Things are a bit hectic just now (I know, 'what's new?', right?) As you read this I'm speeding off towards the Spanish skies. Back to the sunshine. Back to studying hard (honest!) Leaving old friends for new. In a way I'm feeling, sort of, been there - done that, but if I make myself focus on all the great and different experiences I can create for myself, I start to realise what a big opportunity I'm still right in the middle of. How's your year looking so far?

// I just discovered Make Under My Life and I like what I've found. I've honestly been bombarded with what I'm calling 'Career Crushes' lately, a new series on the blog perhaps?

// This is, well, how can I put it? LIFE CHANGING.

// Martin at The University Blog discusses standing out and finding success and all I can say is "Amen to that".

"The main point here is that you can start being distinctive right now. You don’t need to wait for someone to give you a green light and permission to shine. And you don’t always need to rely on another qualification just to look better on paper."

// On a similar note, Find Your Dream Career with Think Simple Now.

// Polish My Writing looks interesting, though I've yet to try it out.

Enjoy your weekend immensely, please.

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