Thursday, 10 February 2011

Featured Sponsor: Ruche

Let me introduce you to my most recent sponsor, cute and quirky Ruche. If you're not already familiar with the brand, I thought I'd share a shimmering glimpse of their fun and floaty aesthetic, including my favourite picks, a peep at their Spring looks, and a glance at their eco-friendly range (because we love the planet!)

From edgy to endearing, whimsical to office-worthy, Ruche has a range that will meet all the need's of any modern girl's wardrobe. For me, the perfectly twee polkadots, pastel hues, and ladylike lace caught my eye in a BIG way.

If you want to effortlessly achieve the look of having just fallen out of the pages of Lula magazine, Ruche is most certainly your brand. Slip on one of their sweet spring dresses, some sheer stockings, a splash of Coco Mademoiselle, and go get romantic in a meadow somewhere!

What's on offer for Spring?

Somehow each one of these dresses makes me think of Carrie Bradshaw, teetering in and out of taxi's in her sky-high heels, designer clutch bag in tow, on a sunny New York spring day. Yes please, imagination.

Don't forget Ruche also offer a delectable eco-friendly range, including sweet gifts like this flower sprinkle cupcake soap:

So support Charade (and your wardrobe) with a cheeky visit to Ruche, and treat yourself to a touch of romance all in the name of Valentine's Day! You can be sure of service with a smile:

"We pride ourselves in excellent customer service because we treat every visitor as our friend. Please know that there are real people behind the website and we always put ourselves in the position of our customers, as we are customers too!"

What are you waiting for?! Go shop your heart out!


Vanessa said...

Oh gosh you're going to make me grow broke! I love everything!

Euforilla said...

It's not exactly my style, but everything looks lovely!
And I have to say that that "ruffled by the thought of you" is really tempting :)

lulu said...

so fabulous! me wanty!

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