Thursday, 3 February 2011

It's in the Bag: February 2011

I'm always seeing these around the web, so I thought it was time to do one of my own! I figured it would be a novel way for you to feel you know me a little better. Plus, well, it's fun!

It should be no secret that I like pink - but did you know I wear glasses for reading? Now you do!

Clockwise from left: paperchase bookbag; 'A note from Megan' post-it notes; my Spanish mobile phone; my much-used memory stick; iPod in it's cosy sock case; reading glasses; Megan necklace; mini Moleskine for sudden bursts of scheming; 2011 diary; Parker pen bought with love by my other half; birdy pencil case which was a free gift in a magazine that my mum let me steal from her!; Zara 'Textures' eau de toilette which is a recent find that I love; Betsey Johnson watch that was a Las Vegas gift from my sister for my 21st Birthday; Soap & Glory moisturiser, a miracle for dry-hand-days; comb; my beautiful purse, a parting gift for my Erasmus year from my very good friend Ellen.

It makes me smile how many things in my bag are gifts from people I love: the necklace, iPod sock, mini Moleskine, diary, pencil case, pen, watch, and purse! Just goes to show how a simple exercise like this can make you realise and appreciate something great about your life that you may never have noticed otherwise.

What's in your bag right now? Post links in the comments!


lulu said...

it's so cute! it is nice to get to know you better. so feminine. unlike my own bag. which has receipts in it, my old college id, and my required driver's license and debit card. wow. yours is way better! cheers!

❤Cate❤ said...

I love your purse it's adorable xoxo

Megan said...

lulu - I have all those things too, just tucked away in my bulging purse (and I thought it probably best not to share pictures of my driving licence on the internet!)

Cate - Thanks!

Samantha said...

Oh my goodness! Your bag and its contents are like shouting in PURE JOY! I feel like it reflects your blogging personality so well. Thanks for sharing :)

erika said...

i am jealous because my bag is *never* that cute & organized & bright & cheerful... in fact your bag has inspired me to do a purge of all the receipts, gum wrappers, crumbs, and who-knows-what-mysterious-items that lie at the depths of ye ol' overstuffed bag.

thank you for the inspiration!

:) erika

Euforilla said...

I had a jolt of melancholy when I read "my spanish mobile phone" 'cause I still keep my french one :P

I had a "what's in my bag" a while ago on my blog... most of all to brag about my handmade bag :P
Here it is if you want to read it :)

Rachel said...

Your bag is so friggin' cheerful!!!

The Sequin Cat said...

So many lovely things!

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