Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Saturday Salute 12.02.11

Image thanks to shandi-lee

Tonight I am hosting a Valentine's themed party with my housemates! We have pink lighting, heart-shaped cookies and lots more lovey-dovey madness. Do you have any exciting V-day plans? Before those, check out the links!

// 10 Surefire Ways To Live Below Your Full Potential from Marc and Angel Hack Life.

// At the end of last month I was published over on Yes and Yes, whoopy!

// How to Focus from Tina Su (she mentions Napolean Hill, which gets my vote every time!)

// YES PLEASE The Vegan Stoner.

Besos Chicas!


Honestly Bec said...

I love Marc and Angel- great links! xx

Euforilla said...

I loved the 10surefire ways one and the vegan stoner!
Muchas gracias!

Blair said...

You should host a valentine card making party! It's so much fun, I did one for my girlfriends last week, you can find the post on my blog :

Hope your party goes well!


Christina Marie said...

Thanks for the links! I hope you had a wonderful party!


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