Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Saturday Salute 19.02.11

Image thanks to nicki

Welcome to your weekend, pretty ladies. Plans, please? Today I took a tour of Tarragona (I've only been here, like. five months...) and got to see how very beautiful the city really is. Tonight it's a few drinks with friends and, if the weather improves, another beach picnic tomorrow. Ain't life grand?!

// Are you prepared to live Your Courageous Life?

// I can't help agreeing with The Problem of Free. Thoughts?

// Create Time to Change Your Life with Zenhabits.

// :')

// The earth at night.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever your plans may be!


crunicorn said...

I've been following zenhabits for a while - small world!

Aury said...

The Earth at Night sorta looks like a leaf. Cool links!!

LauraCassidy said...

Thanks for the link Megan :)

Kate Courageous said...

~ thanks for the link ~ nice to "meet" you via the internet superhighway. ;-)

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