Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Saturday Salute 26.02.11

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Welcome to another weekend of lovable/laugh-out-loud/sometimes ludicrous links! This week the links are a little bit more money/business related than usual, as I guess that's what has been on my mind. My primary focus for this year has been 'Career' as I will be graduating from my BA in just a few months. You may have gathered from yesterday's post that this has put me under a little bit of pressure to ACHIEVE. And I think that, actually, I have been, in my own way. What's more, as ever, I have exciting plans for the blog in the upcoming months. Watch out guys and gals.

// I think Beyond Freelancing: The Shift to Entrepreneur by Ali is an in-depth, meaty article, very relevant to entrepreneurial blogging.

// This:

Money—how we love it. Fear it. Earn it. Spend it.
Save it. Stash it. Lose it. Lend it. Lust for it. Hide it.
Pray for it. Marry it. Divorce it. Sleep with it. Tell and eat
whoppers for it. Cry rivers and drown out sorrows over
it. Throw it away or send it packing with an eBay click.
Worry about it. Worship it. Work like a slave for it, then
squander it. Make deals with devils. Go on fateful dates
with con men and undertake vows before God so that we’ll
never be hungry again. Most of all, how women like us
convince ourselves that money will change or fix everything
in our lives that’s ever been broken or has gone south
once upon a time. - Sarah Ban Breathnach

Makes me want to read this.

// How to Fall in Love with Your Business from Marie Forleo. Don't be put off by the rapping! There are some really good points from a new perspective - looking at your business/blog as a relationship. Check out her other videos on youtube, or visit her blog for more.

"Don’t expect your employer to relieve stress at work. Don’t expect your lover to make you happy. Your burnout is not their responsibility. Give yourself permission to do all the work. Setting people free from your expectations will put you back in control."

Have a brilliant weekend, whether it's business or pleasure ;)

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PSI Tutor:Mentor said...

Great post! Yes, passion and love for one's biz is a must to make all those hours and sacrifices worth it. I am confident you will soar with your BA after graduation (no pressure ~:-)

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