Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mint Tea, Trust, and Why Emotional Crisis Need Not Destroy You

Image thanks to demi

You are always being the best you can be. I know you are because you are reading this. You want to learn about and love yourself, but sometimes catastrophe strikes and your ability to do that is weakened.

I remember once seeing something on the TV saying that when a crash helmet takes a serious knock, even if it looks fine on the exterior shell, it has to be replaced. Your positive state of mind, that beautiful part of yourself that you are always working on improving, is like that helmet. If it takes a bad hit, of course it won’t work the same. And, whilst we can’t replace it, and wouldn’t want to, it is important to understand that it needs time to heal. It is important not to expect to get right back on track/in the saddle/on the road – and to channel your energies into the healing process instead.

I know that can seem impossible, trust me, I know. When life starts to feel like a bad dream you can’t wake up from, developing your positive attitude is never your top priority. I know that, often, the pain gets in your way to such a degree that you are rendered powerless. That said, there are two things we can do as we let ourselves work through this pain (because quick fixes never actually fix anything, and working through emotional ups and downs is what life is). The first is to drink mint tea, because hands clasped around a warm mug make a prayer to heal. The second is to trust.

Trust your gut. Trust in the nudges the universe is giving you. Trust in yourself. Trust in light at the end of the tunnel. Trust in fate, or God, or whatever spiritual belief system you follow. Trust that you’ll smile again, because you will, and that will make it okay that you can’t smile right now. Trust that what you’re feeling only makes you human: a beautiful, vulnerable human, with a warm heart that beats. Trust that now is not forever. Trust in time. Trust in your ability to grow new roots, even if right now it feels as though they’ve been cut away. Trust in your power, in your presence, and even in your pain – we don’t feel it for nothing.

Just trust.
(Thank you to my wonderful mum for the inspiration for this post.)


smitten kitten said...

nice post. just what i need to get me through shitty days

Nicky said...

Wise words indeed, and lovely too. x

Aury said...

soo sweet!!!

Anna said...

Thank you for that post. I just got a kick in the butt from Life and needed to read something like that.

Whitters said...

thank you so much for sharing this

lulu said...

lovely post and excellent timing, i must say. cheers!

Euforilla said...

Yes, sometimes you really find yourself thinking "why is it so hard to be positive? Why has it to be so hard to be happy?"... I feel like this post is first and foremost for yourself, then for all your readers.
I do that a lot, you write advice you'd like to receive, and to follow.
So may I add a little tip to feel a little better, when even trusting yourself or the future sounds too hard? Breathe in, breathe out, deeple, for a while.

Merissa said...

Yes!! Trust! And mint tea is always a favourite. You are fabulous, woman!

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