Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Pretty Parcel of Pesky Points...

Me in colourful Glastonbury.

I love alliteration. Fact.

There have been a whole bundle of things on my mind blog-wise over the past few months, and, with recent changes in my life, I feel it’s time to tackle them all in one swoop and steam on ahead into a more glittering existence – what kind of sham-stress would I be, after all, if I didn’t heed my own advice?! Here goes (it’s a bit of ramble – so bear with me!)

1. Last chance to buy the Learn to Love... Series

Well, not strictly, but for a while. My plan is to write one or two more and combine them into one big ebook, and to do that I’ll need to take them down as they currently are. Before I do that though, I thought I’d give you a chance to buy any that you fancied individually, so that you don’t need to pay for the whole lot if you don’t want to. I might make them available individually again, who knows, but I can’t promise. My aim is to streamline this whole enterprise to make it a little more manageable as my life adventures start to gain speed! Also, I’m eager to make the big charity donation from 20p of each and every sale there has been. Once I’ve taken them all down, I can do, that for a nice big dose of the warm and fuzzies.

I will take them ALL down in ONE WEEK. So take a quick peek to see if there are any you’re hankering after.

2. PAY WHAT YOU CAN for the last 14 Annuals

When I released the 2008-09 Annual (containing all the Charade-juice from the first year), I put a bundle of them behind. For what reason, I know not, though I think it was some kind of sentimental attachment. Anyway, 14 of those 15 are still left, and they’re not doing me much good in a cupboard, so I feel I need to send them out into the world. Therefore, if you want one, you have the opportunity to offer me whatever price you feel a copy is worth to you. I won’t be giving them away, but if you explain why you think your price is fair, even if it's low, I’ll more than likely take it – though postage will remain at £2.50, so take that into consideration. Email me your offer and I’ll send you an invoice.

3. No new annual

Whilst we’re on the topic of annuals, you may have noticed I won’t be doing one for last year. It was a tough decision because I loved doing the first one, and got so much amazing feedback, but I feel that I’m more excited about other projects and I’d rather focus my energies there. I’m so sorry to anyone who was anticipating the next one! And for those of you who were offered a discount on the next copy, email me and I can sort out a little freebie for you in another format.

4. Other fun-bites!

To add a bit more pizzazz to this post of practical points, I can tell you I’m working on all manner of new jammy-treats for the blog, including a re-think of the Charade concept (to spice things up and look to the future as I move beyond university), a new eBook, and a new highly-related Masters course, out here in the real world!

And that’s me all summed up. Any questions, or concerns, or invites to your house for a cup of tea – you know where to find me (megan@charadestyle.com)

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