Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Saturday Salute 26.03.11

Oh, hello there! This weekend I'm chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool in Wales with my family. Today I went bargain-hunting in nearby Aberystwyth and picked up a pretty dress and floral Cacharel shirt from the charity shops, among other things. I also had a traditionally British chipshop lunch + a cuppa! Too homely and good.

// There were a few good posts on Problogger this week, but I particularly liked How to Create an Instant Yes.

// Shopaholly is such a down-to-earth blog, I feel like I'm just having a chat with a friend when I read it.

// Continuum and John Mayer are my two new favourite things. Listen and behold. Music has never been so sexy.

// On the topic of music, you might want to acquaint yourself with Jukesy.

// Yummy.

Tomorrow I'll travel back to Bristol by car, then I fly back to Spain on Tuesday. And, next Friday, I've only got a weekend trip to Ibiza booked... It's my housemate's birthday and we managed to get return flights for 14 euros - woohoo! Yes, I do travel too much. Have a happy weekend!

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