Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Look for the Opportunity...

Image thanks to daviderwin

We all know the old phrase ‘when one door closes another one opens’. What I don’t like about this phrase, however, (and what is actually the case with a lot of these traditional wisdoms) is the passivity; the lack of active subject; the lack of you.

The truth is that the closing door might be out of your control, but what you do in the face of that closed door is totally up to you. So how about:

When one door closes, I open another.

What we need to be doing when we experience a closed door, whatever that may mean, is actively looking for the opportunity that can, not so much replace what has been closed to us, but optimise the space now available in our lives in a new – and perhaps far more – exciting way.

- See sadness in loss as an opportunity to create more happiness.
- See the blank page as a chance to mix new colours.
- Hear in the stillness the space for your own voice to be heard.

It’s not reinventing yourself; it’s realising or releasing yourself, releasing the power and potential that was there all along, but was perhaps being focused too heavily on that one open door. A closed door means you can open several more doors – doors you could have opened all along, but that you’ve perhaps been kept distracted from. In the face of a recent closed door, I was jolted into knocking on another; a door I’d wanted to look into but had been tip-toeing around. That door is now opening, and I can see, quite acutely, how I wouldn’t be heading towards the light I now see if it were not for the initial loss.

That’s how this big colourful crochet blanket we call life works: like a spider diagram, you answer yes or no to one question (out of choice or necessity) and suddenly you slip or slide or fall or fly toward a whole new question. And the process begins again.

When we are blessed with these new questions (yes, blessed, because continuity is a quiet crawl from A to B – it is the questions that escalate us) is when we need to look for opportunity, actively. This is when our senses our most heightened to receive what’s new. And sometimes new is just what we need.

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