Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What are you scared of?

Image thanks to tabsinth

I’m scared that I have too many ambitions, and that I’ll never achieve a single one.
I’m scared of leaving university.
I’m scared I won’t make enough money.
I’m scared of sacrifice, of compromise, and of disillusionment.
I’m scared I don’t look after my body well enough.
I’m scared I’m a bad writer.
I’m scared I don’t meet people’s expectations.
I’m scared I forgot something, someone, somewhere.
I’m scared I won’t ever be satisfied.
I’m scared of being satisfied with what I used to find unsatisfactory.
I’m scared of competition, completion, commitment.
I’m scared of going, and scared of never having gone.
I’m scared I don’t read enough books.
I’m scared I don’t meet enough people.
I’m scared of debt.
I’m scared of disease.
I’m scared of starting again.
I’m scared of dreams that don’t come true.
I’m scared I’ll let myself down.
I’m scared of my projects.
I’m scared of my passion.
I’m scared of my purpose.

I’m scared.  

But being scared is not an excuse not to try, and keep trying.


“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” Mary Manin Morrissey


“Encountering some of our biggest fears will often take the sting away as we build the resilience to deal with them and the confidence of knowing what to do if they ever happen again.” Jenny Blake

What are you scared of?


Nurul said...

Thank you for posting this, Megan. Simple but very inspiring :)

Trivia said...

true :) and we share some fears *

resolute twig said...

love this post.
Thanks for sharing some fears :)

Elimy said...

even your list of fears is supremely poetic.

i agree on many points.

i am also scared of heights and snakes :) and unemployment.


Aury said...

I love Jenny Blake. She is such an inspiration :D

Btw, you are too :D

Anonymous said...

love this :)

Euforilla said...

I'm scared I can't avoid bad things to happen to my beloved ones.
I'm scared I can't controll my future.
I'm scared of my rage and my strongest and deepest emotions.
I'm scared I can't let them out/express them properly.

But thank you for sharing, it takes a lot of nerve to admit so many "fears" and yet be able to encourage people to face them, to try!

Amber-Rose said...

Thank you.
I really needed this just now. :)

It gave me the push to get the ball rolling and DO something. :D

I hope you're having a charming weekend.

Amber - x

Rhi said...

I'm just making my way through your blog, and some of what you write about really hits home. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.
It takes a lot to admit to your fears, but admitting they won't stop you is pretty heroic!

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