Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Inspiration: Use it or lose it?

Image thanks to sherman

So, if you imagine a person’s level of inspiration as a metaphorical well, instead of pulling up buckets full to the brim with sloshing gusto, I’ve run dry: the bucket is coming up empty.

I don’t know exactly why this is, but I have some hunches.

Sometimes life overwhelms us.

Sometimes the world starts throwing you balls from all directions and, in order to catch certain ones, you have to let others drop. Other AMAZING things are going on in my life right now (after a recent phase of tiresome troubles) and, for that reason, the energy I’ve got to give to the blog has somewhat depleted.

Blogs, businesses, blues musicians... we can all get stuck in a rut.

I’ve had this blog for nearly three years. THREE YEARS. Blow me down and call me Ned. It’s almost unfathomable, and it’s a long time to go writing articles week on week. I’ve done over 650 posts on Charade, so it’s pretty amazing that it’s taken me this long to get blogger’s block.

What I’ve noticed about inspiration is that it seems to snowball.

The more we have, the more we get. Inspiration breeds inspiration. Life right now, whilst great, is a bit samey – the days are long and quiet, lots of tea is being consumed – you probably know the drill. Therefore, I’m finding it hard to get jazzed, to get really buzzing, to spark off of NEW as I usually do. I need to splash around in my well a little if I can expect it to fill itself up.

How can I refill my well?

I can change things. I can work outside the box. I can mix up old customs. I can snuff out single flames and ignite raging fires. I can read. I can observe. I can listen. I can expand my horizon: read new blogs, new topics, new tales of success. I can avoid getting bogged down by the nitty-gritty: adverts, Google statistics, design blips, and just do what I love: write. I can let imperfection be my emancipation. I can stop posting for the sake of posting, and focus on quality not quantity. I can follow my own advice.

Yes, I think that’s just what I’ll do.

P.S. The raw diet is going well, although we have been cheating a bit... I’m taking photos and will share all soon!


Elimy said...

Ohhh I always get this right after exams! Your brain just needs a bit of a rest.

I suggest that you set yourself a bizarre city-wide scavenger hunt and blog about it. I.e. you have to find.... a person who looks alarmingly like the dog they are walking and... a dress that your favourite book character would wear to your birthday party.


laura said...

sounds good, megan! just do what you feel you should do. if you need some inspiration, elsie's blog-love-e-course might help: http://www.shopredvelvet.com/collections/e-course/products/blog-love-e-course - it inspired me so much!

all the best to you

Amber-Rose said...

Yay - Thrilled!
It's so lovely to have you back Megan.
We've missed you.

Barbara said...

just wanted to let you know i am new to your blog and i L.O.V.E it. one of the bests i have ever read! i am currently kinda going trough a taff time and some of your articles are really helpfull. THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to thank you for keeping up your blog. I started reading in early 2009 when I was still a student and although I graduated from uni 2 years ago I am continuing to enjoy your happy, shiny, blog, it is very much appreciated

Sorcha said...

I've always considered doing the raw diet. I have a friend who swore by it, but I think I may be just a little too much of a cheater to really make it work for me!

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