Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Saturday Salute 11.06.11


Hello world! How're things? I'm having a lovely weekend, today I had a tasty lunch out with my mum and a poke around the charity shops in the Welsh town of Cardigan (yes, that's apparently where cardigans come from!) I also bought the ring pictured at a craft fair that was on - I think it's so sweet! Tomorrow we are going to see a local Ballet performance of Beauty and the Beast, before starting a raw, yes RAW, diet next week... I will keep you posted on how it goes, and if you have any hints/websites etc. I would love to hear them!

Down t'bizness:

// How could anyone not love this wooden bunting necklace from All Things Original? I know I do!

// Whilst we're on wood-related things, I also wouldn't mind this cloud chopping board from Snug, never mind that it's so teensy it only seems to hold a piece of bread! (I'm planning to get my own place soon - cue continuous ramblings on home decor. I hope you're into it.)

// Last week I mentioned a blogger I love was in Amsterdam and it reminded me of my own trip, now Carrie is in Las Vegas and I'm recalling my 21st birthday (read Part One and Part Two of my budget guide if you're planning a trip too!). Ah, memories.

// This is sure to give you the travel bug.

And that's it for another week, stargazers.

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Anonymous said...

I got through about 3 of the pictures and then I started planning my next trip. Darn my non existent budget!!

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