Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Saturday Salute 18.06.11

Image thanks to lauren

Nothing smart to say, so it's straight to the links today! (Well that was a rhyme... so kind of smart? Mm, maybe not.)

// Love Rachel Hills and love this on finding the right mentor.

// I want to make nut mylk.

// Top ten makeover movie scenes from Agent Lover made my day.

// I'm pretty much going to base my life on this from now on, just so you know:

Until next time...


Asyla said...

hiya megan!thanks again for this week's links. :)
seeing that you're interested in making nut milks, I just thought I'd share this recipe with you:

it incorporates nut milk & looks yummy!you might wanna try it out.i hope this little thing may be able to cheer you up a bit considering your previous post :(
~all the best to you megan


soph@beautycfw said...

Aw that typewriter is made from cardboard! Probably the best video ever haha, love when all the post goes into the post box :) Now following, you're almost at 500!! xx

SILVIA said...

precioso post!!!
un besazo enorme cielo

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