Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Saturday Salute 25.06.11

Image thanks to whitney

Hello, diamonds! It's midsummer. I just got an unexpected windfall. I'm about to get a lovely new place to live. I have wonderful friends. Charade just hit 500 Google followers. Life is looking pretty fine. I think it's important to think & say & sing your blessings often, especially if the road has been a little rocky of late. So - you're turn! Whisper them to yourself as you wash the dishes. Shout them out the window. Sing them in the shower.

// Live and let live: how detaching can improve relationships on Positively Present is good stuff.

// Danielle's article on the possible meaning of fleeting feelings might just give you one of those "lightbulb" moments.

// Your Happiness Plan. Yes please!

// 5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Blogging on Miseducated. Amen to that.

To ALL my lovely followers (yes, you! and you!), on the first Saturday of the rest of our lives, you're making me happy, & happier by the day. Jus'sayin'.


Faff said...

More awesome links, I love Saturdays on here! :)

Morag Lee said...

Thanks for introducing me to Miseducated again! Totally forgot about that site! x

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