Friday, 3 June 2011

You Made a Difference!

I wanted to share a little thank you from the charity Look Good...Feel Better, whom you all supported by buying my podcasts last year and this. I counted up all the contributions (positively amazed at how many podcasts I sold!) and rounded up a nice donation which I made this morning.

When I got this message at the checkout, I knew it had to be shared with all of you:

Thank you so much for supporting Look Good...Feel Better. Your donation will help us to provide workshops for over 10,500 women undergoing the rigours of cancer treatment this year. After the workshops, ladies leave feeling relaxed, full of renewed confidence and ready to face the world again. Thank you for your part in making that happen.

I've now taken the podcasts down, and will be compiling them together into one ebook to put back up for sale in the very near future. Of course, thanks as always from me for your ongoing support and enthusiasm, you are too fantastic for words!

Please consider bookmarking Look Good...Feel Better for future donations; they make an amazing and unique difference in women's lives and deserve your support.


laura said...

that's wonderful, megan! i didn't even know about this when i bought the podcasts, but now i feel even better about doing so. (:

btw, your podcasts have been inspiring me all the time since i bought them. i've been doing sports more often, waking up earlier, learned to love my style even more... they were so inspiring and whenever i loose the inspiration or motivation, i can listen to them again! thank you so much for this! (: OH, and a big thank you for your great, clear english, too! even though i'm german, everything was easy to understand.

Megan said...

Laura - Thanks so much! I'm really glad you found them easy to understand.

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