Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Charade Turns Three: Time for a Birthday Throwback and Your Chance to Win!

Image thanks to yvette

From Monday it will officially be Archive August here on Charade. “What’s that all about?” I hear you ask. Well, August marks the three year anniversary of this’ere blog (the big day is the 14th). I’m approaching 700 posts (I know!) and I thought it was about time I dug up some golden-oldies and gave them a new lease of life. I’ll be re-posting with new pictures, doing a spot of proofreading, and finally updating my Explore page. Hopefully, you’ll get to see a few articles you never spotted before, and I’ll give myself a fuzzy-proudzy feeling. WTLB and my Salutes will go on as normal.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So how do I WIN?

Ah, funny you should ask! Seeing as I haven’t done a giveaway in, oh, roughly half a century – and you are the most deserving of audiences – I thought I’d get in the Birthday spirit and whip something up for you.

I am giving away a free place on my upcoming (ee!)Course AND two of the original Charade 08-09 Annuals AND a goody bag. Oh yes: that’s four chances to win! (I’m making up for lost time.)

How can you enter?

♥ For the chance to win a totally FREE place on my eCourse:

Post any feature article from the Charade archive onto your own blog with a little introduction as to why you chose it, and add this tagline at the end: Post originally written by Megan. Part of 'Archive August' on Join in the fun and win! (with a link back to this post, please!)

♥ For the chance to win the goody bag (which will be a bit like a Christmas stocking, only without the red and green theme, or the boring Satsuma), including something sweet-smelling, something edible (not a Satsuma) and something wearable:

Just gimme a Tweet! Say something in the manner of “Help Megan & celebrate their third birthday and join in the fun of 'Archive August': (link) Re-tweet to win!” Or whatever you can squeeze into 140 characters!

♥ For the chance to win a FREE 08-09 Annual:

Recommend a friend on Facebook. I’ve set up a topic and all you have to do is each post a comment which includes both of your names, so I know you’re pals! e.g. “I’m Jane recommending Jill” + “I’m Jill recommended by Jane.” The winning pair will each receive a signed copy.


You can enter for any or all of the prizes, and the winners will be picked at random. However you decide to enter, leave me a comment here or drop an email to and let me know what’chu did! Any questions - email me and I'll get back to you next week.

You have until the end of August to enter, so there is absolutely no hurry (and you can bet I'll keep reminding you, 'cos I'm annoying like that.)

Loving you long time, whether you’ve been here since day one or just popped in last week for a cup of tea and forgot to leave.


Morag Lee said...

Hey Megan - I've done all three for you ;)

Blog Post:


And me and my friend Gillian both left a comment on the discussion thread. :)


Megan said...

Thank you so much Morag! You have a lovely blog :)

Anonymous said...

I don't blog, so I promoted you on twitter to all of my 5 or so followers!!/duskysunrise/status/105362525037658112
(I'm more of a reader than a writer usually)

Happy belated birthday! xx

clairecommando said...

Hi! :) My blog post:
And my tweet:!/clairecommando/status/106463198798028800

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