Friday, 8 July 2011

Featured: JD Williams

You know that guilty pleasure of flicking through your mum's favourite catalogues at the kitchen table with a cup of tea? Secretly rejoicing in the comfy-looking and reasonably priced clothes that can be delivered 'right to your door'... No? Is that just me? Ahem... let's forget I said anything.

Come on. We all do it (at least I'm hoping we do...) And I know that for the lovely, curvy girls among you, catalogues can often offer a lot more choice than the highstreet. That's where JD Williams might just come in. 

With everything from jersey basics, to formal dresses and even cruisewear (ooer!) in sizes 12-36, JD Williams is sure to fill you with that warm and fuzzy catalogue thrill.

Although it isn't quite the season (despite how the English weather has been warning us of Autumn the past few days...) you'll also find a rather noteworthy selection of womens jackets from JD Williams. And they start from a gasping £12. Bargains ahoy!

♥ ♥ When the season of pink noses does eventually roll around, pair this duffle coat with a crochet hat and knee high argyle socks for a bit of Gossip Girl flair.

♥ ♥ It genuinely warms my heart to see brightly colourful coats amid the usual sea of black and grey ones and you'll certainly turn some heads in this one. Wear with a white beret and red tights if you're feeling bold.


I know there will probably be a lot on the site that won't interest us young, hip and trendy types (picture me totally not keeping a straight-face as I attempt to bundle myself into that bracket!) but there are certainly some bodacious bargains to be had, so take a peek! Failing all that, isn't your mum looking for a new catalogue?

Have a lovely Friday!


Amber-Rose said...

Haha I was always guilty of doing this with my mum's Littlewoods catalogues. Every time she gets a new one I would confiscate it for a few hours and make ridiculously long lists of things I wanted.


Megan said...

Amber-Rose - I knew I couldn't be the only one! My personal faves are Choice and La Redoute ;)

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