Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Featured: VivaLaDiva.com!

Shoes. Shoes. What can I say about shoes? Well, compared to some, I wouldn't exactly call myself a shoe girl. Bags have always been more my thing. And yet, even I can't deny the lovin' feeling that pervades you when you slip on a brand-new pair of heels, booties, or brogues. If that's your thing, I think you might want to ask someone politely to hold your purse prisoner whilst you peruse the rest of this post...

Cue sighs of lust for this saucy selection:

♥ ♥ I'm imagining these worn with a cream trapeze dress and opaque black tights, no? With impossibly smoky eyes and a beehive?

♥ ♥ These are just something else. And by something else I mean something seriously good. I'd wear them with super-skinny black jeans and a vintage pussy-bow blouse.

♥ ♥ For those casual days skipping about town, buying yourself flowers, and hanging out in second-hand bookshops with your best friend, these would be just the thing! I'd rock them with cream tights and a floral dress. 

Which are your favourites? See more Viva La Diva designer shoes.

Don't worry if you're a devout-bag girl like me, Viva La Diva also cater to your needs! Go and check them out.  



Kc said...

Love those black wedges! :)



Sara said...

Aw Megan, you should be in shoe-advertising! I didn't realise I NEEDED all of these shoes until I read your darling decscriptions! I need the brogues in particular! x

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