Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Saturday Salute 02.07.11

Image thanks to i.anton

I know everyone is saying it but... can you believe it's July already? This is turning out to be one lightning fast year. I have to say, however, that the second half is looking to be a lot better than the first, with a whole load of great things coming together pour moi. I kind of don't want to jinx anything by announcing them all... but I promise to spill all the proverbial beans a.s.a.p.! Though you know my eCourse is going to be one of them.

Links, glorious links!

// How to Be Bigger Than Yourself is warm&fuzzy reading material to the max:

"...For energy to radiate. For revolutions to transpire. For what we once perceived as separate to be known as is in this state of unity that our collective answers surface, allowing us to be incalculably bigger than ourselves."

// Danielle is on fire lately, with another bangin' article, this time on using your psychic telephone. I did it and it genuinely worked, who'd've thunk it...

// You tell'em Emerson: Give All to Love.

// Simple Destops is too good. My favourite.

// My travel bug is already hopping around on my shoulders, and tugging my hair, and whispering naughty things in my ear, and this isn't helping: the best places to stay from great neighbors around the world.

Have a lovely weekend (I know you will!)


Amber-Rose said...

Thank you for the last link!
I've been trying to find an apartment to rent in Paris for a few weeks for a while now, and that website is super-awesomely-helpful. :)


Megan said...

avec plaisir, Amber!! xx

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