Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Saturday Salute 09.07.11

Image thanks to poppy thomas-hill

Hello you virtual vixens & cyber sauce-pots! 'Tis the weekend again and, as you read this, I am steaming my way towards Bristol for a friend's Birthday party and a week of general revelry (every week should be a week of general revelry). What are your plans?

//  Make the world's easiest skirt from What Would a Nerd Wear.

// The Wars of Adventure from Jodi is brill. One for printing and sticking on the fridge?

// Nubby says Do What You are Meant to do Now. I second that!

// Toni Morrison on value.

Have a whale of a weekend, whatever you're up to. Hasta pronto.


camillapeffer said...

Lol at mocking up a blockbuster movie poster with your name on it! I don't know what that image is (it looks like a collection of colourful condoms actually...) but the colours make me feel chipper.

Megan said...

Camilla - It's a box of crayonssss! But wey-hey on the dirty imagination! ;)

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