Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Saturday Salute 16.07.11

 Image thanks to danielle

So I am back in fair Wales, though it's gone from super sunny to wet and windy. Boo! BUT it is my graduation next week, and then I'm hopefully going to Womad, so it's not all bad. These might keep you occupied if it's a bit grim where you are:

// Do you need reading inspiration?

// Be still my beating heart: the world's most romantic travel destinations.

// Awesome.

// How to Be Happy Anytime from ZenHabits.

"Life will suck if you are always wishing you’re doing something else. Life will rock if you realize you’re already doing the best thing ever."

Have a lovely weekend, rain or shine!


marthe said...

Great links this time!

I'm always up for reading inspiration, and those travel destinations are just so pretty!

Amber-Rose said...

Hey, Wales isn't that bad. We had a little bit of sunshine this morning. :P

Love the links this time too.


Ashley said...

beautiful blog!! <3

Graham GlobalGrasshopper said...

thanks for featuring us! great site ;-)

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