Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Saturday Salute 30.07.11

Image thanks to slumberingheart

Woah now. We've reached the end of July already? I guess the way time flies by must mean, at least, that I'm having fun! I certainly am this weekend because - as you read this - I am (hopefully) sunning myself at Womad, sipping a cold cider (really, Megan? At 9 o'clock in the morning? Okay, maybe not yet...) whilst listening to a wonderful array of world music. I'll be back on the Charade beat next week to begin, dun dun DUN, Archive August!.

For now, let's get linky with it. (A close variant of 'getting jiggy with it'.) NA-na-na NA-na-na NA.

// I'm moving into a new flat soon. Five words: prospective house-warming gift, please.

// I love Chloe Cook's illustrations

// How to easily stencil your own t-shirts. Will certainly be trying this when I reach that mystical, far-off bubble of time where I can sit around all day and craft. Sob. 

// I want someone to make a vegetarian version of this!

Adios, mi amigas! Have a wonderful weekend.

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