Thursday, 7 July 2011

Stay Smiling: Recognise the Magic Moments

Image thanks to poppy

One powerful tool for manifesting and maintaining positivity and happiness in your life is to wake up and smell the proverbially coffee-scented moments of magic that occur daily in our lives.

The other day, my sister’s boyfriend and I went to collect a table and chairs that I’d bought for a steal on eBay, armed only with a Nissan Micra and a screwdriver. Things did not go smoothly. We got lost in an area where we were offered a stolen bike. We got stuck in traffic. It was raining. When we did find the right place, the chairs wouldn’t stack as hoped, and the screwdriver had the wrong bit on it so we couldn’t dismantle the table. It was one of those times where you could just grab your hair and scream. But, instead, we laughed at the comedy of it all and stayed positive. We'd come all that way and decided to just do our best, despite it being seemingly impossible to get the whole lot into the tiny vehicle. We manoeuvred the chairs and whole table out of the apartment door, down two flights of stairs, and out across the wet car park. We opened the boot of the miniscule car, gave each other a hopeful glance, and set to work. After five minutes of laughing and sighing and gasping with wonder – we clicked the boot shut. The whole set was in. Somehow we’d done it. It was pure magic.

It made me realise these moments happen a lot: delights disguised as dramas, where life is actually busy joining up the dots for you – you just can’t see it. Like when you think you’re horribly late, but the concert starts just after you arrive with near-perfect timing, with no waiting in queues. Or, when you royally f-up a trial shift for a new job, only to get a job you love a few weeks later. Or, when you miss your bus, but then get talking to the impossibly wonderful girl who missed it too, who will become one of your very best friends. (All of which have happened to me.)

When a situation seems bad, give the universe the benefit of the doubt and stay smiling. You might just find that life is filled with moments of magic. And, if you listen, you might even hear the sparkling chimes of the universe on your side, working to give you all the things you’re dreaming of.


Amber-Rose said...

As inspirational as this post was - I'm more interested in your new table!

I think we should have a design*sponge style post off you about your new find. :)


Megan said...

Amber-Rose - All in good time my dear... I have all kindsa'plans for 'nest' related posts in the very near future :)

Sara said...

Woo! Looking forward to nest-posts too!

& thank you for the reminder to enjoy it all. Even the bad days are great days, compared to nothing at all :)

Vir said...

just when i needed it :)

Megan said...

Sara - It's something I've wanted to do for ages, you won't believe the amount of charity shop finds I've been hoarding in anticipation of having my own place!

Vir - I am very glad to have helped :)

gEe said...

I totally loved your last paragraph. I'm very happy that I stumbled onto this post. Thank you for the "magical" inspiration.


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