Friday, 1 July 2011

TOP SECRET INFORMATION (that isn't really secret because I just, you know, announced it...)

I'm creating Charade's very first eCourse. It's about being happy. Not just happy "ha ha", but ludicrously, deliciously, ambitiously happy, and it sho'is hawt.

Aptly, I've decided to call it Ambitious Happiness.

People seem to be searching for a lot out of life these days: toe-curlingly fulfilling relationships, sky-rocketing careers, snazzy homes, hot bods and all that other stuff that sells those pesky magazines. But life isn't a check-list of getting what you want; it's being fulfilled by life itself, whatever it throws at you. I call this being happy and I really, truly believe it's getting happy that gets you all the stuff in the magazines (or, at least, the stuff you still find that you want once you are rip-roaringly happy!)

In other words: forget the career ladder, climb the happiness ladder. Forget finding prince charming, find happiness. Forget losing weight, lose the obstacles in the way of your happiness... okay, okay, you get the picture. The point is: all those things come out of who you are, inherently, and if that you isn't happy, you'd better fix up, look sharp, and start getting your joy on.

You dig?

I haven't been this excited about something since whispering word of my Annual way back in 2009.

I was sorta' kinda' hopin' that... you might be a little bit excited about it too?

And that, if you were... you might want to hear a lil'bit more about it?

I was right?! YIPPEEEE!

SIGN UP HERE and things will start cooking! In other words, I'll  send you timely emails with more information... :D

NOTE: Due to the nature of the course, places will be very limited - I'm talking counting the participants on your hands, people - so it would be a good idea to get on the list if you think you're going to want to come and play.

Can't wait to hear your responses, I hope you are as thri-hilled as I am!


Amber-Rose said...

Yes, yes, yes please!
I'm very very excited because if it's half as much fun as your Annual is to keep peeking at then I'm sure I wont be disappointed. :)

Btw, I saw you in Cardigan, Ceredigion a couple of weeks ago. My mum lives there and I was visiting.

I was pretty sure it was you but wasn't definite until I saw your blog post about it. >.<

Megan said...

Amber-Rose - No way! You should have said hello! Although I'm sure I would have been completely taken aback and embarrassed... :p

Amber-Rose said...

Well, you also visited Narberth while I was living there, and I didn't know if I was stalking you or the other way around. xD

But I promise I shall say hello if I happen to run into you again. P'haps I wont terrify you if you have some advance warning!

Megan said...

Ha! I think Wales takes the concept of "small world" to a whole new level. DEFINITELY say hello, and just promise to forgive me if I'm not nearly as eloquent as I make out to be!

LauraCassidy said...

Ooh! Exciting! :)

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