Thursday, 22 September 2011

Loafing Around: New Look Loafers

So the nice people at Most Wanted, the lifestyle magazine of, sent me some free shoes. Yes, free shoes. A phrase one doesn't often hear but is induced into giddy excitement when one does (similarly to the phrase 'upgraded to First Class', or 'three for one cocktails'.) I thought it only fair I did a little review, seeing as I imagine many of you have been eyeing (if not buying) the range of awesomely-autumnal loafers on the high street, and you might want a heads-up on how these New Look ones fair for the price.


Now, the good thing about a loafer is that it is not a heel, and therefore you expect a style statement that also gives your feet the sweet relief of a flat for long work days or traipsing around the shops. I’m a  UK5 ½ and my loafers were a 6 and, unfortunately, I still found them pinching slightly around the toes – alright for a short walk but a bit of a no-no for anything more. This might be something that lessens once I’ve broken them in, but that might be a painful couple of wears in the process!



For a budget fashion shoe, the quality is not bad at all. The lining is a soft, suede-style and the sole is flexible (although not rubber, which I tend to prefer for non-slip). They look as though they will probably go quite a distance.



Two-tone brown and black. Tasselled. Need I say more? Pair with a satchel, skinny rolled-up jeans, and an oversized jumper and you’ve got comfy-chic all wrapped up.



For £14.99, plus a voucher code from the phrase ‘you can’t go wrong’ comes to mind! Just give them a quick road-test around the living room before you take them outside to check if they’re comfortable for your feet.


Overall I'd give the loafers 8/10 as I loved them but they lost out a little on the comfort score!

Will you be adorning your feet with some lovely loafers this season? Have you grabbed any that you would recommend for comfort/style/price etc.?

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