Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Winners of Archive August!

Image thanks to d. sharon pruitt

Thanks to all who entered to win as part of Archive August. I realise I perhaps made it a little bit confusing, so didn't get quite as many entrants as I'd hoped - but I still get to give some stuff away and that makes me happy!

The winner of an absolutely FREE place on my eCourse which starts this Saturday (!) is:

// Kate of Full Hearted Life.

The winner of the Charade goodie bag is:

// Claire Commando.

The winners of the two annuals are:

// Morag Lee and Gillian McDonald

If you can all email me with your postal addresses (except for Kate - I'll be in touch with you) I will send out your prizes:

Big love and well done to the winners!

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fullheartedlife said...

Oh wow! How amazing! Thank you Megan! And congrats to the other winners!

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