Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Peek at the Week 09.10.11

New pillowcases. Well, actually not new - I got them for my last birthday but have only just got around to using them. Aren't they de-lish? I've also re-muddled my bedroom and it's working far better for me. I moved the bed to the opposite wall and removed the headboard as it was imposing on the room a little too much. Snaps coming soon!

Good food. I'm spending a little more on better quality food lately (I happen to live right across the road from an amazing organic supermarket, so going out of my way to shop at Tesco feels a little... icky.)

Wine when you need it most. Undoing all the good work of my organic diet have been a few soul-healing drinking sessions with old friends offering new perspectives.

Saying goodbye to beautiful friends over beautiful food. Ellen has moved to Edinburgh and Bristol WILL NOT be the same without her. Nuh-uh.

Remembering to outfit-snap for the first time in a long time. Yes that is a Heinz Tomato Ketchup bag acting as my laundry basket.

A small acquisition. Lightning bolts forevs.

How was your week?


Anonymous said...

So so. I was in reflective mode, torn between wanting to do things and not being able to do them. Followed my 'dream' of joining the gym it now means I have somewhere to practise my dance without it costing an arm and a leg! I need to get better. I also have started going early hours and before work kicks in. To keep the motivation up I watched Rocky - the 4am get ups inspire me. I have always envied people who get up super early to make their dreams happen. So on get the rocky theme tune. Lets hope I can make it. Steps to take:

S1: Join gym -done
S2: Get into a routine - doing
S3: Practise drills
S4: Longer hours

Every bit gets you further along. Right now, trying not to focus on where I am but where I need to be. Desperate to get out of this mental cage I am in, its too dark in here for a start.

Love R. x

Elimy said...

Can I have your life? Or at least your wardrobe?

Megan said...

R - You are an inspiration! I have to admit I have never watched Rocky but I'm going to give the 4am starts a go... Okay maybe 5am...

Elimy - Take it, it's yours! :p

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