Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Saturday Salute 08.10.11

Image thanks to vinoth

Hello my dears & darlings. It seems I am currently in a let's-throw-as-much-as-we-can-at-her-until-she-cracks period of my life. True story. And wholly unaware of how to pull myself out of it. Well, I'm kind of aware, but what I'm aware of is a bit too scary and gargantuan a move... But I'm making money, and I have my health, and a family that loves me. And, somewhere in the desparation, I know I'm going to be alright, and that the challenges are simply lessons in how to live. In the meantime I'm exercising wild resilience and using the internet as a distraction...

// How to Find "The One" is brilliant. Kim Anami, you rock.

// So you're an expert? Teach me. All about why you should create your own info products (and, yes, it's how I found the above link!)

// Truism.

// Roost makes an Ode to Italy. Now that's what I call photography.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm down to the business of making life big & bold & wonderful once again. You be sure to spend a soulful rest of the weekend doing what needs to be done, okay? Love.


Amber-Rose said...

Megan, you have hundreds of people who click on your blog every day just to read what YOU have to say! You're life is already pretty big, bold and wonderful! :)

You'll do fine sweetie...


Pritilend said...

I'm kind of going trough the same period right now and really don't know what to's nice to see that I'm not the only one! Your words have been soooo helpful to me for the past year or so and I'm very grateful that you take time to write for all of us strangers :D I wish you that you stay strong and optimistic in all times and never get discouraged!!!! Best of luck, from Serbia :-*

Megan said...

Amber - You are like a little ray of internet sunshine!

Pritilend - I think that challenges are a given, and it's what you do in the face of them that counts. Let's neither of us be discouraged :)

Midnight Cowgirl said...

These link are just wanted I needed this week!

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