Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Saturday Salute 15.10.11

Image thanks to ianôhara

It's Saturday! And I have a new life plan... Which is bringing me much happiness. It includes career building + travel + general adventure. I'll share more soon, friends of the internet realm! Tonight I'm going for dancing and revelry in Bristol but, before I do, here's where the web has taken me this week...

// SFgirlbybay is one of those blogs which make you go 'urrrrblerghlum' about your own life/blog in comparison... but, you know what, IT'S SO WORTH IT!

// How to Choose Mr. Right - Like Fast from Danielle Dowling.

That's it crew, love you.


kay eh tea ei. said...

hehe love your link! thank you lovely <3

Therese said...

Hey Megan, thanks for linking to my post:) And oh my gosh, I took a look around your site and you are just so amazing and adorable! I love it. Keep in touch! XOXO

Elimy said...

haha how did I miss that you linked me here? Megan, you are a gem. Did you get my tweet? My mother loves your blog! You are intergenerational.

Megan said...

Elimy - woo to being intergenerational! (my mum loves it too, but I thiiiiink that's exclusively down to maternal bias!) I haven't logged into twitter for an AGE because I lost my password - whadditsay?

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