Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Saturday Salute 29.10.11

Image thanks to emily

It's Halloween weekend, what are your plans? I'm not doing anything remotely spooky. I am, in fact, spending a rather pleasant weekend going to stay with my great grandma in Exeter, and also meeting a friend from my much-missed university days. I plan to scour Exeter's vintage shops, have some long, tea-fuelled chats with granny, and eat plenty of comfort food! Whilst I go and catch a train, I leave you with the links:

// I found this piece really powerful: I'm not 'vegan' anymore from the Happy Herbivore. It raises so many true points; my friend Cai and I are always talking about how the pressure of being totally 'saintly' often deters us from making greener lifestyle choices altogether - but whatever we can do is worth doing, so embrace imperfection!

// Do you have Busyness Addiction?

// Toying with the idea of starting your own business? Entrepreneurship Begins with Demand.

// also... Start with why.

Have a fabby-dabby weekend my shining Charade-stars, whether you're getting ghoulish or taking it easy.


crunicorn said...

I adore Exeter. Have a fan time!

Martina said...
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Sindy said...

yeah,is true u have a good blog

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