Wednesday, 16 November 2011

7 Ways to Celebrate Yourself Daily

Image thanks to hillary

I don't know about you, but time seems to be moving pretty fast for me at the moment (um... bye then 2011!) And with the days slipping away in a fog of full-time work, it's more important for me than ever to make sure I'm staying on track with being the girl I want to be: a girl worth celebrating.

So... tah-dah! Here is my list of ways that you can make your days stand-out with a little self-celebration; 7 ways for 7 days!

♥ Take responsibility.
Own who you are. The shiny bits and the smudgy bits. You’re not a victim; you’re not anyone else’s prize or anyone else’s problem. When you stand up and take responsibility for who you are and what you are doing with your life – without putting it down to your parents, or your boyfriend, or whoever – you own your mistakes. But then, you own your miracles, too. Trust me, it's empowering.

♥ Get honest with the world, if you want us to believe you’re serious...
When you meet someone new and they ask you what you do – don’t dumb it down, don’t smooth the edges, don’t hold back in embarrassment – take the opportunity to tell them your wildest dreams. You’re a cartoonist. You’re a musician. You’re an academic. After all, scoffs are pretty much the universal language of people’s own insecurities.

♥ Dress up.
Put on an extra piece of jewellery. Wear a brighter colour. Paint your nails. Whether it’s off to the office, a day at the library, or some lavish leisure time: make what you wear worthwhile. There is never a better reason to dress up than merely for the sake of it: for the sake of colour and art and beauty. So today is as good a day as any.

♥ Smile. A lot.

"Guess why I smile a lot? Uh...Cause it's worth it." Marcel the Shell

Could I give a better explanation than that? Don't think so.

 Do everything with intention.
Everything you do at every moment of the day is a choice, but often it doesn't feel that way. When you get up in the morning for that job you don't like, it may feel like you have to but, really, you don't. You could stay in bed. Get fired. Move home to your parents. But you don't want to do that. Recognise that your life really is the product of the intention you are investing it with. Intend on enjoying your first cup of tea of the day. Intend on getting the most from your work day. Intend on walking home rather than catching the bus to get some exercise. Intend on celebrating. Live like you mean it.

♥ Celebrate others.
Your friends, family, boyfriend, colleagues, pets (!) - they all have traits worth celebrating - and when you learn to recognise what is worth celebrating in others, you learn to see it in yourself. You might know from experience that often the most negative, critical people are those with the lowest opinions of themselves. You don't fit that category, beautiful. Give compliments. Be charming. Celebrate the world and the people that surround you.
You are a wonderful work in progress, and you always will be - stop striving for a shiny final ideal. You make mistakes, you let go of the thread, you keep truckin', and you flower over and over again. You're doing great.

How will you be celebrating yourself daily? What's your favourite of my suggestions?


Elimy said...

gotta be the dressing up one. :P

Canadian Twentysomething said...

This was magic. Just what I needed today. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I won't wait until New Year for the resolutions.

resolute twig said...

great list, fantastic to read on this rainy morning :)

Kc said...

I need to remember this :) thanks Megan!!


Maria K. said...

If there was any way to agree more, I would. Love, love, love this!

Katy said...

What a great reminder!


Anonymous said...

I love this, thanks! <3

Joisey Dani said...

This post inspired me a lot to write a blog of my own about it! Will you please take a look and comment?

Thank you!


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