Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday Feature: Defshop

Guess what, folks? That's right, it's feature time again! I'm two weeks late posting about these fuh-hab-ulous winter booties I scored from the wonderful chaps at Defshop (after giving you a sneaky peak!) so it's about time I hopped to it and started listing off the merits of this online shop that's hot hot HOT.

Yeah, I dance alone in my living room with my camera on timer. andwot?

Yeah, so, guys, we pretty much love these boots, okay? They have the royal flush of winter footwear by being a) comfortable, b) warm, and c) styliiiiish. You're feeling it. The brand is Coolway who have a cute lil'owl logo and who I'd never heard of before but am now a serious fan of.

Are they going to go with everything, or are they going to go with EVERYTHING? They're going to go with everything. 

Let us say thanks to Defshop by spending a moment browsing their website that's choc-a-bloc of seriously cute urban clothesies. They have fashion by Vero Moda (if you haven't heard of Vero Moda, you need to be initiated before I can say 'best. for. basics') As you can see from my gift they also stock all kinds of kick-ass sneakers and shoes. They might even be the shop to stop at if you're hankering after a cozy winter jacket

Thanks Defshop! We ♥ you!

Happy Weekend!

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Morag Lee said...

These photos are great :D You seem to cheery in them. x

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