Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Peek at the Week: Birthday Bliss, Day Trips & Glorious Gifts

My dears, it has been a whole week of birthday celebrations for this girl! Things kicked off with my trip to Edinburgh, pictures of which I'll save for a post all their own. This weekend my parents were visiting and I got a lovely bundle of gifts including a hand-made quilt from my very talented mama! Cake was also consumed. Today we enjoyed a tasty veggie roast dinner, followed by a stroll around the National Trust estate of Lacock. Oh, and may I introduce you to our new family Labradoodle, Molly. She is a sweety and, as you can imagine, gets a lot of attention!

I hope you had a week to remember.


Kc said...

Fun! Happy birthday week :) that's so nice your Mum made you a quilt!! I'm keen to make myself one in time for next winter :)


Morag Lee said...

That dog is so cute!

(Btw, are you vegetarian? if so, me too!)

Morag x

Elimy said...

Awwww I wish my mum would make ME a quilt. Your life is truly charmed. Much love and hugs. Em

Faff said...

Your quilt is gorgeous, happy birthday! :)

Megan said...

Morag - I sure am! On and off my whole life, and aiming to stick at it for the long haul this time around :)

Elimy - Maybe she would, you should drop some hints... Haha! Or maybe she has a talent all her own and can make you something in keeping with that?

Faff - Thank you! It now has pride of place on my sofa :D

Eternal*Voyageur said...

You need to give me that coat at once. And that quilt. I am seriously coveting both.

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