Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Peek at the Week: Mo'Vintage, Mo'Bristol and... Moussaka!

Yet another vintage fair. Does it seem like I go to vintage fairs every week now? I think maybe I do. This one was the affordable vintage fair at Bristol's Council House. It was a good time. Naturally there was bunting.

Moussaka for two. Lentil moussaka, that is. And, f.y.i., veggie cooking makes for a good date - you heard it here first.

Bristol. Oh how I love your colourful, kooky ways! I walked past the Occupy Bristol site today which is fast becoming what the settlers are calling a "slum city". Power to the people in action.

Tea. I live off the stuff. It's like my fuel. And now I've discovered I can buy it in pretty boxes like these from Higher Living... swoon!

Packing for Edin-brr (you see what I did there? It's going to be cold - geddit?) As you read this I shall be preparing to board a plane bound for a birthday extravaganza in the Scottish capital of Dùn Èideann (that'd be Gaelic. Boom.) Wish me a good one!

Have a great Sunday, sunshine.


Faff said...

Looks like a fun week! Have fun in Edinburgh, surprisingly its not been too cold up here, altho you'll likely get wind on the east take quite a few scarves! :)

Amber-Rose said...

Have a bea-iwt-iful birthday celebration, Megan.


Morag Lee said...

You're Gaelic's better than mine ;)

That "you have a voice" picture made me smile. So vibrant! xx

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