Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Peek at the Week: Pretty Postcards, D.I.Y Decor and New Booties

Thoughtful postcards from lovely people. Two very meaningful postcards came my way recently. Sometimes it's nice to have the people you most respect and care about reflect a little of that back on you. This one also came with some pretty epic advice!

Photo projects. Do you like my little D.I.Y. photo project? It has made quite a difference to my still rather bare flat!

Home. With the above photos, plus some other little touches, the old place is really starting to feel like home. I've been reminded of my need for groundedness at the beginning of the year, and how I've really found that in recent weeks.

New boots. A rather sneaky peek at my new boots which I'll be 'featuring' on Friday!

Other things that happened: lots of 4OD; over indulging on three course dinners topped off with amaretto coffee; fireworks with friends; a Jimmy Hendrix tribute band; pizza dancing; texts that make you smile to yourself and cute boys with nose rings...

I hope you had a noteworthy week!

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DM said...

oh those boots look so comfy :)

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