Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday Feature: Bank Fashion

When I was around fifteen I went through an intense stage of Converse-courtship. I remember dropping around £60 (a lot of money from my not-yet-of-legal-working-age pocket money pot) on a pair of black, glittery calf-high ones from the US that you could fold down to reveal a colourful graffiti-style interior. And I can’t even blame it on the 90’s because I was well enough into the 21st century to know better.

But that was then, and this is now, and my love affair has come to be rekindled. What other sports shoe is as stylish as the humble All Star, I ask you? And what shoe is so un-gender-specific so as to look hot on the feet of both you and your boy? – matching ‘His & Hers’ pairs for Christmas? You know you want to. Why not get his gift covered and take a look at Converse footwear From Bank Fashion. The best presents are the kind where you get some too, after all!

For you, sadly (or, perhaps, not so sadly) you won’t find any quite as wacky as my teenage crushes, but you might just find the classic white canvas style to pair with skinny jeans rolled up at the ankle and Breton stripes. Or perhaps a pair in pink to couple with the spring wardrobe I know you’re dreaming about in these deep dark depths of winter (or add a pop of colour to the grey days right now!)

Prices start from only £20 in the sale – not bad, shoe-lovers! Happy shopping!

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