Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Saturday Salute 03.12.11

Image thanks to haojan chang

Hola guapa! And hola December! The year is rapidly drawing to a close and I am so filled with excitement for 2012 (or, as I'm calling it in a Gala-esq manner: two thousand and swell). I have two real, solid, shiny goals for the year which I know are going to happen and put fire in my belly and money on the table. What are you looking forward to in 2012?

// It has been a lovely week in terms of contact with you awesome people, with a surprise 'tip' from a wonderful reader (she knows who she is!) on Pay a Blogger Day, as well as an ace follow-up to my 7 Ways to Celebrate Yourself Daily post by reader Dani. It is SUCH a great feeling when I see that the words I string together here are having a positive impression on people.

// Poetry-lovers, this is wonderful.

// I've come across two new and MAJOR style influencers, Marlenka (great name!) of the girl never gets older and Veronika of tick tock vintage. Covet-central.

// This is perhaps the biggest treat my ears have had in a long time:

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm off charity-shop-christmas-shopping (look into it), then a Mexican Couch Surfing party, then a Christmas craft fair tomorrow. Not bad.


Danielle said...

Awww! Thank you for having me be part of the Saturday Salute!


Megan said...

You are very welcome Danielle! ♥

Marthe said...

Thank you so much for spreading the love!

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