Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Saturday Salute 17.12.11

Image thanks to shandi-lee

Well hello there, and a very warm welcome to your weekend! What do you have planned this fine fin de semana? I did the bulk of my Christmas shopping today - leaving it so late - but luckily I found some great things and town wasn't nearly as hellish and heaving as I'd imagined it would be! Last night I danced to dubstep and drank Amaretto with ginger ale. Tonight I'm taking it easy, and tomorrow I'm off for a spot of craft-shopping. I leave you with the links.

// Life crush. Watch this video and try to be inspired rather than hideously jealous (which is the emotion that I had to suppress!)

// This will make you giggle.

// will this!

// The Art of Being an Ambitious Female from Justine Musk - it may even encourage you to get Ambitiously Happy (here's hoping!)

// Lovely:

That's all, friends! Good luck with any last minute Christmas prep you have planned!

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