Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Saturday Salute 24.12.11

Image thanks to yvette

It's nearly Christmas, folks! Excited? I've definitely shed my blues from last week now that I'm comfortably ensconced in the bosom of my family. I arrived to our little corner of the Welsh countryside last night to a roaring fire, Christmas jingles and plenty of prezzies under a beautifully decorated tree, rather magical indeed. Unfortunately the internet has gone snail-slow so I've retreated to the local pub and am sat amid the other patrons sipping a hazelnut Americano, wearing a pink sparkly jumper and tapping away on my pink laptop - girl loves to stick to a theme!

My early gift to you? The links:

// How to Overcome Overwhelm. This is an article I wish I'd written! So on the money, and a generally wonderful blog that I know you'll love!

// 5 Strengths I Forgot I Had Until A Drunk Man Wandered Into My Room. A tale of good old girl-power from The Fab Life Project.  

// I'm definitely going to try this self-discipline trick.

// If you're expecting to have a bit of free time over the holidays, you know you could still grab your very own bumper-copy of the Ambitious Happiness eCourse. The perfect way to spend ten free days: harvesting some happiness!

// Quite extraordinarily beautiful:

I will attempt a little Christmassy post tomorrow with pictures, but with the internet the way it is I make no promises!

All the love and blessings in the world for the big day ♥

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