Sunday, 15 January 2012

Be Thankful

Amid the modern gal's efforts to be stronger and faster and better and fitter and thinner and quicker and prettier... (phew-ee!) it can often slip our minds to stop, and simply say thanks for what the world has, already, richly provided us with.

When you feel grateful then you feel, by default, prosperous and happy - and comforted in the knowledge that you live a life worth being thankful for. You are focused upon the treasures you already possess, rather than the empty sensation of the things you don’t. If you feel lucky, blessed and contented with what you already have, this becomes a pattern for you; it shines out; you attract good things and you go on to be increasingly lucky, blessed and contented.

Everything you already have: your home, your family, your friends, your lover, your health, your education, your material comforts – they are all precious gifts that you would probably be lost without. Cherish these things, say thank you for them every day.

Working to be better and have better, like we are doing with MYLA, does not mean disregarding or taking for granted the wonderful things already abundantly present in our lives. Quite the contrary, being thankful enhances our efforts. Take this opportunity to pause in your self-development journey, and thank the heavens for the glorious existence that is already flourishing all around you.

♥Working for better often means we forget to appreciate where we are now
♥When you feel grateful, you are concentrated on the best things in your life, you feel positive, and therefore you attract more blessings
♥Take a moment to consider all that you already have, and be thankful

Say thanks.

Today, I want you to take your eyes off of the future for just a moment, and get captivated by the present. I want you to say thank you for the things you already posses. In your journal, write a letter of thanks to the universe for everything it has already given you. See my example, which I typed today for clarity!

Dear Universe,

Thanks for icy mornings and rain showers - they are magical. Thanks for good friends. Thanks, always and forever, for my family. Thanks for curiosity and honest people. Thanks for language. Thanks for novelty and challenge and adventure. Thanks for giving me resilience. Thank you for my health and ability to breathe deep when I need it, eat well, and sleep deeply. Thanks for art and ideas and human passion in all its forms. Thanks for the stars and for allowing me to plot my own course by them. Thank you for colour and spirit and declaration. Thanks for making me as I am, and the world as it is.

Thank you for it all,

Let this letter serve as a reminder of how lucky you are. Let it exist as a foundational platform upon which you can build more joy, blessings, good luck, prosperity, love and wonder.


Shelby said...

This post is so inspiring! Sometimes I forget to take a step back and look at all the blessings I already have:)


Elimy said...

Once I started writing I couldn't stop!!!

Megan said...

Shelby - I think we are all guilty of it, but that just makes it or the more powerful when we decided to reflect on it.

Elimy - I'd love to read it! And pleased to hear you found so much to be thankful about :)

Ellen said...

AMEN TO THIS SISTER! My fave so far xxx

PelirrojaBiu said...

This is so true... Yet we tend to forget about it so often!

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