Monday, 23 January 2012

Celebrate Your Style

To make our lives amazing, a key aspect is to feel comfortable in our own skin, but it is also about being comfortable in our second skin: our clothes. 

To many this may seem a superficial endeavour, but it is really not – our clothed selves are shown to the world every day, and if we don’t feel comfortable in that, we don’t feel comfortable in many other areas of our lives as a result. So, whatever your style – let’s start to celebrate it.

We all have a certain brand of personal style, whether it is in keeping with the ‘norm’ is a whole other tale, but it is there. A lot of our time is spent striving to improve our style, not enough time is spent simply celebrating it. Celebration of our style is where the real fun is, it is where we start seeing more of ourselves and learning a few lessons.

Whether or not you want to celebrate all facets of your style (perhaps you want to avoid the fact that you always resort to tracksuit bottoms on rainy days!) it is absolutely worth making the effort to rejoice in the best bits and the things you do well when it comes to your attire. Think about it: a rose wouldn’t complain that it wasn’t more like a daisy, or a lilac, it simply strives to be the most amazing, bright, beautiful rose it can be.

Feel blessed for the gorgeous items that reside in your wardrobe; adore the part of your body that looks best in your clothes; revel in your handiness with a hot hairstyle... put the best part of your look in the limelight, and the likelihood is that others will start to notice too.

♥ Be comfortable in your clothes, they are your second skin
♥ Strive to celebrate, rather than improve, your own brand of personal style
♥ Put your best bits in the limelight and others will catch on

Praise your style on paper.

Write down the things you love about your style: do you wear pencil skirts particularly well? Do your jeans all fit like a dream? Are you great at layering? Hair accessories your forte? Whatever it is that’s great about your look, pay it some attention.

Similarly to when we looked at our successes in order to breed more success, focusing on your aesthetic strong points allows your style to develop and improve, rather than be stunted by negativity. See my example: 

This one is really fun, and surprisingly rewarding - it's like a personal pep-talk, which we can all use now and again! Share one or two of the things you love about your style in the comments, oui?


Kayleigh said...

This was rather enjoyable; time spent thinking about clothes is never time wasted!

I love my hint of childishness in my style; clothes with animals on, bright colours, and cheery polka dots.

Joisey Dani said...

Writing about the celebration of my style in my notebook right now!


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