Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday Feature: Shabby Apple

If you're hankering after a perfectly-cut, quality, affordable vintage dress. Girl, Shabby Apple is all over it. Whether for a special occasion, daily-dress up or just, well, because, I challenge you to spot a dress in their beautiful collections that doesn't make your eyes bug-out with downright desire.

Shabby Apple were kind enough to bestow upon me the El Capitan wiggle dress. And. I. Love. It. Can you tell? Cap sleeve. Check. Pencil skirt. Check. Ruffle waist. Check! It's the dress I never knew I needed. Have I strolled straight out of 1950's Paris, or what?

I thought it was the perfect time to also reveal to you my vintage cream hat-box suitcase. Try not to hate me. I have wanted one forever and finally found this for a steal a couple of months back at a vintage fair. Cat & cream.

Right now you can get 10% off at Shabby Apple 
with the discount code: charadestyle10off

Get the new year off to a glittering start with a dress you can take on the world in! There are also all manner of discounts and special offers to be unearthed if you 'Like' Shabby Apple on Facebook. They'd love it if you stopped by.  

Which dress is your favourite?


Molly said...

I may have actually gasped at the prettiness of everything.

Kathy said...

You look beautiful ! Love your shoes , too .

Shelby said...

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and comment if anything comes to mind!

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