Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How to Believe in Yourself

We’ve already touched upon self-belief in the Get a Successful Mindset article, and we realised yesterday the importance of self-confidence – both of which are intrinsically linked. I wanted to take it further as I really, truly believe it is the primary peg upon which your amazing life hangs. 

For a more miraculous you, self-belief is essential.

What is a belief? Well, you can tell yourself you want something, but that isn’t believing that it really belongs to you; you can tell yourself you deserve something, but that isn’t believing that undoubtedly you will achieve it. When you sincerely believe, you don’t just dream: you manifest.

There are endless examples of people completely altering their lives simply because their beliefs are so unquestionable to them; they believe it to be, and so it comes to be. If we can gain a sincere belief in ourselves, then we can have our amazing life, no question. But how do we gain this belief? Where do our existing beliefs come from?

The beliefs you have now probably stem from a number of sources, and your past experiences and upbringing will have had a significant impact but, as we saw in the Keep a Clean Slate with Yourself article – we needn’t cling on to what has passed. Instead, why don’t we create new beliefs with our new-found conscious-knowledge of ourselves? Beliefs that assist us, rather than dampen our spirits; beliefs that are based upon what we really want out of life, not just what we think is our lot. We can achieve this belief through conscious choice; by letting go of restricting thoughts and creating new, optimised ones.

♥ Believing that something is and should be yours, is different to just wanting it
♥ Sincere belief in yourself = your amazing life
♥ We gain belief by letting go of the past and making the conscious choice to believe or disregard certain thoughts.

Be aware of your beliefs.

In your notebook, record three beliefs that would make a considerable, positive impact in your life. Even if you don’t quite believe them yet, word them as though you do. Word them as unequivocal truths. Mine are:

1. I am a successful writer and entrepreneur.
2. I am a bright, happy, fun person to be around with many close friends.
3. I live an abundant, fulfilling, and rich existence.

Review your beliefs regularly; repeat them to yourself when a related situation occurs. That way, you will be led into action by the desire to realise these beliefs, rather than dampened by thoughts of ‘I can’t...’ or ‘I won’t...’

Use today’s quote as a guide: vividly visualise what it would feel like to be living the belief; passionately yearn for it (if this doesn’t happen naturally – change the belief so it does!); be sincere in believing it, and act upon it all the time with drive and aspiration.

This is a really fun and simple exercise, yet it is wonderfully inspiring to put into words your most optimally inspiring potential beliefs. Be sure to share your experiences; extra points for accountability!


Elimy said...

Hooray for Megan and Charade. Shall I share?

I believe:

1. That I am a talented writer who will one day be published.
2. That I am interesting and unique.
3. That I am stylish when I choose to be.

Anonymous said...

I love love love this series - it resonates what I want for me this two-thousand-and-twelve - a new revolution. Ofc the new year hype helps it creates this big atmosphere about change, but why wait until new years day, each day should be better that the last. As a muslim we are told that is our today is not better than yesterday then we are failing. Progression is important. And time is the fuel we need. So rather than focussing how quickly this year has gone aim to keep up with time this will help to channel that focus and I think with SMART results the feeling of accomplishment will help us further along. We may even suprise ourselves. Lets forge ahead. Thank you for encouraging us, I stumbled on your blog a year or so ago and come on here regularly.


Anonymous said...

AKA Jennifer

I LOVE this MYLA 2012 workshop! It's really helped me, and I want to thank you!

I believe that:

1. I am an intelligent, successful and knowledge-hungry career woman.
2. I live my life with inner calm and radiant happiness.
3. I have deeply fulfilling, trusting relationships with close friends and immediate family.

connie said...

Mine are;

1. I am a confident and successful coach who creates transformational change in every client I work with
2. I am the happiest person I know and I love my life
3. I live mindfully in the present moment with peace, serenity and calmness

I just wanted to also throw something in there - I find when building a new belief it is really good to start collecting evidence to support it. I try to set myself up for success by ensuring that in everything I do, I search for how my results SUPPORT this new belief I am creating.

Eg: when I coach, rather than focusing on all the things I did wrong or how nervous I felt, I search for all the ways that I WAS confident, and all the ways I DID create change for my client. It really helps start to build that new belief and make it a reality!

Loving this series of posts. Thank you! x

gluedtoapost said...

Well, I still have these penciled in because I might tinker with the wording a bit, but here goes:

- I am extraordinarily happy in my life
- I am a talented and successful woman whom others respect and admire
- I am on the path towards an exciting future

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