Wednesday, 25 January 2012

How to Find and Follow Your Bliss

Firstly, what is your bliss? 

Your bliss is your absolute peak existence. Your bliss is your amazing life, and, unfortunately, I cannot sum up how to find and follow it within the boundaries of this article – that’s what I’m striving to achieve with this series in its entirety. What I want to do by familiarising you with your ‘bliss’ is to give you focus, and a real concept of what all your hard work in this series has been and will be for.

Your bliss can mean many things and come in many forms; you might find it in your relationships, in your career, in a particular place, in your most valued hobbies. Life is for finding it and following it and living it day in, day out, because it is what lights you on fire; because it helps you to really be an essential part of the world rather than merely a passerby.

To find your bliss, understand that it is already within you – it is a matter of inner questioning rather than an exterior hunt – and in most cases the key to finding it is to merely stop and listen to yourself. Believe that you are a channel of energy in this world, and that it is down to you how you shape and manoeuvre that energy into the best existence imaginable.

You must have the bravery to follow this path; you owe it to the world to do so. You are a living, breathing cause for hope; a fountain of inspiration to the people around you, and you do your human duty by giving your truest message out continually. But to follow your bliss takes chance and risk and moments of doubt where you want to turn back, so it is imperative to support yourself every step of the way, and that's what our journal has been for.

♥ Your bliss is your peak existence; its importance lies in having a concept of what you are striving for in life
♥ Your bliss makes you an active part of the world, rather than just a passerby
♥ Your bliss is within you, have the bravery to follow it

Find your bliss.

With the help of the previous exercises, your bliss may be already becoming clear to you; now is the time to set it in stone – not so you cannot change it, but so it is a fixed concept for you rather than an airy desire. As the above quote says, to find your bliss, it is necessary to start communicating with yourself. Considering it on a very basic level, without the skew of responsibility, practicality and approval: what feels like your bliss? Could you be brave enough to follow that? Why/why not? What stands in your way? Is this a real block or an imagined one?

Write in your journal 'My bliss is...' and show yourself evidence of your ultimate desire, being clear and to the point so that you know, if no one else, precisely what you're living for.

Once your bliss is down on paper, commit to taking at least one action a day that moves you closer towards it; from reading a part of a great book, to sending an important email, to taking a couple of hours as simply creative time... Be sure you are always following your bliss in even the smallest ways.


Stephybabes said...

I really love your blog to be honest. You write in such a lovely tone and everything you say seems to be in line with your blog's theme - living with intent and imagination. I really love to see people striving to make their life, and the lives of others, more special than the average British lifestyle. There are concepts that have had a real impact on me, such as living a life of love - you said that love is a lifestyle choice and I liked it so much that it's now forming part of my computer desktop. There is something else you also said that really impressed me: "Making the most of your time isn’t exclusively about being productive; it is also about enjoying yourself, feeling contented and purposeful and as though you’re living your life the best possible way."
I hope you keep your blog close to your heart for a lifetime and I wish you the best in the future with it. xx

Natalie said...

This is such an inspirational post! Love. <3 Following my bliss is how I try to live my life. Not that is always functions on a blissful level, but it is rewarding.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate your efforts on this series this January, I think I am going to be sad when it ends. I only wonder what it must have taken for you to get out of the pit and reach for the light, thank you for inspiring us. 2011 was a funny old year, many blessings but I found it internally hard. Past mistakes haunt, and abrupt relations that stopped themselves, as firm believer in fate nothing happens without reason. So whilst I am hurting I am trying hard to move on out of the hell I managed to create myself, one inch and one day at a time. I only hope my feet don't forsake me now.

My bliss? To reach my own deadlines, I have set a few: personal, professional and spiritual. I'm chasing all three, abit too many, but not really, working hard on the structure needed so I have set time blocks for each area.

You're right one only has to listen to the internal voice. It's as if you have to coach yourself.

As a muslim we are told there are two conflicting factors to reaching excellance: the devil and the lower self. The most dangerous of the two: the lower self. Conquering the self thus is the greatest battle, but we cannot stop as that would mean giving up on ourselves.

Love R.

P.S. Notable things you must read: Eat, Love and Pray. And or watch the movie: Peaceful Warrior. And thirdly a lady scholar called Yasmin Mogahed, I reckon you'd get on well.

Ellen said...

So brilliant...I am also so impressed and amazed at your commitment to the blog and your readers, the fluency and detail of your writing and the sustained passion that is 'make your life amazing 2012' xxx

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